Schlosspark-Center Schwerin Competition


“Fit for the Future” – this is a nation-wide, inter-disciplinary schools competition for children and young people up to eighteen years with creative interests, with the aim of arousing enthusiasm for technical subjects. This project represents a great opportunity for the coming generation to discover the exciting world of robots whilst having loads of fun: working in groups, they will build their own, autonomous robot with the help of a robotic kit based on the RC-SOCCERBOT from Graupner Robotics, and use it to complete exciting missions as part of the competition.


The idea

The project’s idea is to familiarise children and youths with topics such as technology and robotics in a hand’s on manner. Especially, the project is about taking away the timidity of scientific and technological topics, facilitating the student’s experimenting practise with specific tasks and showing that science and technology can be fun after all.


With this competition the students get the great chance to learn about and discover the world of robots over a longer period of time and can try themselves as robot developers. In the robotics workshop visitors can experiment under careful and professional guidance with all kinds of robots. Additionally, the workshop also offers various bookable courses for visitors and school groups which provide a thorough introduction to the topic of robotics.


The robotics competition

The robotics competition aims for students age 12 to 18, who compete in teams of 8 members. For building their own robot the teams get an assembly kit. They have 3 months of preparation time to develop their robot which needs to be able to solve different tasks. While building the robot the students might meet obstacles such as sensoric, electronical and robotic programming issues and in solving those problems they learn to work in groups and in a concerted manner.


In the contest, the teams‘ and their robots‘ mission is to explore a planet: the robot needs to orientate in unknown terrain and find its way to the base. On the way there the robot should acknowledge and avoid obstacles standing in its way. Furthermore, its task is to find and collect energy cubes which are spread on the planet. The team managing this mission best will win the competition.


The robots are comming to you!

The second delivery 2008

The competition in 2011


Die Wanderausstellung „Das Jahrhundert der Roboter“ hat während der Stationen im Jahr 2010 viele Menschen begeistert. Insbesondere der Roboterwettbewerb für Kinder und Jugendliche sowie die Roboterwerkstatt kamen bei den großen und kleinen Besuchern sehr gut an.



Roboterwettbewerb für kreative Köpfe

Roboterwettbewerb geht in die letzte Runde - Stationen im Jahr 2011

Der Roboterwettbewerb Fit für die Zukunft hat in den vergangenen 3 Jahren in vielen deutschen Städten Halt gemacht. Zum Abschluss der Ausstellung „Das Jahrhundert der Roboter“ wird der Wettbewerb im Jahr 2011 nochmals in 3 deutschen Städten Stattfinden und dort den Kindern
und Jugendlichen dort die Möglichkeit bieten, sich selber als Roboterbauer auszuprobieren und ihre Kreationen im Wettkampf zu testen.

Für 2011 sind folgende Stationen in Deutschland geplant:
März 2011 Allee Center Essen
Mai 2011 Alstertalzentrum Hamburg
Juni 2011 Schlosspark-Center Schwerin

Habt Ihr Interesse am Wettbewerb teilzunehmen oder solltet Ihr Fragen zu
Wettbewerb oder Ausstellung haben, dann wendet Euch unter Angabe des
Kennwortes „Aktion Roboter“ an


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Friday, 12. December 2008

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Hall 15, Booth F83

Meet the robots

Friday, 12. December 2008

Toyfair 2009 Nuremberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Toyfair 2009 Nürnberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Hall 7A, Booth F-179/D-161

Meet the robots


Monday, 08. December 2008

Competition - Kinder werden Fit für die Zukunft - Dates 2009

Auch im Jahr 2009 wird der Wettbewerb „Fit für die Zukunft“ in vielen deutschen Städten Halt machen und den...