An Introduction to Graupner Robotics

A definition of the terms "Robot-Robotics" – what are the backgrounds?

The designation „robot“ is derived originally from a Germanic word meaning soccage or toil, dating back to and used in different forms since the early 14 th century. The term “robot” as determining a “human machine” was first coined by the Czech author Karel Capek. In addition, some drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the 15 th century show similar machines. However, the technological conditions under which such projects could be realized weren´t available in those days.

Robots in our age

It is impossible to imagine a modern industry without the use of robots. They help execute jobs in the domain of soldering, mounting, and high density packing, and are employed in vast numbers whenever the tasks at hand are dangerous, requiring high precision, or carried out in inaccessible areas. They are equipped with numerous sensors for photometry, geographical orientation, and communication to fulfil their duties to gain optimal results.

Graupner Robots – known by the brand name „Graupner Robotics“

Graupner Robotics will open the doors that will lead you into the world of “humanoid” and “wheel” robots. Here the term “humanoid” describes an attempt at making these robots look like Humans in form and movement. Are you ready to enter a world which was open so far only for the personal of technological colleges and research labs? Then you may experience the thrill of the robot world even as a beginner.

In addition of the great fun factor, a great learning process is initiated by our robots. The models help you discover, learn, and understand how – to give you just one example – various positions in the geometrical dimensions can be reached by different proceedings. Also you can see the meaningful use of sensors and actuators. Such knowledge is the bases of the modern robotics, and may be useful in other domains of learning and vocational life. Computer work may also be improved when the programming, editing, and saving of the different motion patterns is learned.

Graupner Robotics
Graupner Robotics
Graupner Robotics
Graupner Robotics


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Friday, 12. December 2008

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Hall 15, Booth F83

Meet the robots

Friday, 12. December 2008

Toyfair 2009 Nuremberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Toyfair 2009 Nürnberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Hall 7A, Booth F-179/D-161

Meet the robots


Monday, 08. December 2008

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