Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft Robotics Studio is a new Windows®-based environment for academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to easily create robotic applications for a wide variety of computing platforms.
Using this software it is possible to operate and program a wide range of robot systems in a realistic 3D virtual environment.

A physics-based application operates the robot in the virtual environment same as the robot acts in the real environment.

Download programs direct to the robot tested and operated in the 3D world.

Also you can use a lot of sensors and actuators to expand the robot and react dependent their feedbacks.

The development environment supports a wide range of programming languages, and includes a new visual programming language, which enables non-programmers to create and debug robotics programs very easily.

With RC-SOCCERBOT it would be possible to use and apply this powerful tool. Operate your robot in a realistic 3D virtual environment!

We force the Microsoft Robotics Studio compatibility in our future robotic projects.

You will find further information at Also required drivers and samples at the download area. Use the upload area to give other RC-SOCCERBOT users the possibility to see and download your own application or program.

More information on Microsoft Robotics Studio can be found at:


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Friday, 12. December 2008

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Hall 15, Booth F83

Meet the robots

Friday, 12. December 2008

Toyfair 2009 Nuremberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Toyfair 2009 Nürnberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Hall 7A, Booth F-179/D-161

Meet the robots


Monday, 08. December 2008

Competition - Kinder werden Fit für die Zukunft - Dates 2009

Auch im Jahr 2009 wird der Wettbewerb „Fit für die Zukunft“ in vielen deutschen Städten Halt machen und den...