RB1000 (kit)

You set up your own „humanoid“ robot!

Order No. R1000

The kit contains all the components and small items required to build and operate the robot. No particular computer knowledge is required in order to handle and program the robot, the movement sequences will be programmed by using a graphic supported software. Excellent mobility is provided by its 19 joints: 12 leg joints, 6 arm joints and 1 neck joint. The “humanoid” is able to operate two more additional servos, also two gyro sensors to maintaining the balance by using the software. An integral dual-axis attitude sensor mounted on the CPU board allows to start programs for stand up from front and back position.

This high-quality model is assembled from a set of robust components to produce a modern, attractive machine. More than twenty movements will be delivered with the robot, it is possible to get a selection of these sequences from our homepage. You can also upload your great movements for other RB1000 users! These functions enable the robot to carry out basic movements directly, such as walking and turning, as well as special functions including hand-waving and various poses, without requiring any programming. With these movement sequences it´s very easy to begin your first own motion.

The robot can also be controlled using an optional Graupner/JR 40 MHz stick transmitter with at least six functions, together with suitable receiver and accessories.

RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000


  • Blue eloxided aluminium components
  • High-performance H8 20 MHz CPU
  • 19 x RBS581 digital servos, designed for use in robotics
  • Optional installation of two additional servos
  • Integral dual-axis attitude sensor on the CPU board
  • RS232 serial interface


Dimensions approx. 300 x 230 x 95mm

Weight approx. 1,5kg inklusive mitgeliefertem Akkupack

Joints: 19 Servos

Kit contents

  • Robot kit
  • 19 x RBS581 digital servos
  • CPU board
  • All aluminium / plastic components
  • All small items required
  • Battery charger
  • Battery pack, NiMH 6.0V (2000mAh)
  • RS232 interface cable between PC and robot
  • RobovieMaker software

Optional accessories

Order No. R3000

Gyro sensor for maintaining balance

Order No. R9100

RB14 SCAN receiver, 40MHz for controlling robot using 40 MHz Graupner/JR 40 MHz stick transmitter with at least six functions

Order No. R1000.10

RBS581 servo

Accessories / replacement parts

Order No. R1000.20    Battery pack, NiMH 6.0V (2000mAh)


- RobovieMaker -

This software is included in the kit, and provides an ultra-simple means of programming the robot to carry out a vast range of movement sequences, and of determining how it is to respond to sensor feedback information. The robot communicates with the PC via the integral RS232 interface.

RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Processor: min. Intel Pentium 4 min. 1GHZ
  • RAM: mind. 128MB
  • Interface: 1 x serial RS232
  • Other: CD-ROM device


  • The robot can be controlled using an optional Graupner/JR 40 MHz stick transmitter with at least six functions.
  • 4 free channels e.G. LEDs
  • 2 free gyro sensor channels for maintaining balance
  • Joints can be expanded to a total of 21
  • Individual movements and sequence programs can be stored in a file
  • Joints and movement sequences can be controlled from a conventional  PC keyboard via the RS232 interface
  • Response determination if the robot should fall
  • 4 auto-routines containing previously established movement sequences
  • Direct robot programming via an initialisation file

High-performance CPU board

The future-proof CPU board is capable of meeting the most stringent requirements, and represents the heart of the robot.

  • Type: VS-H8PWM28V2
  • CPU: H8 20MHz
  • Voltage: 5V – 10V
  • Dimensions approx.  48,26 x 52,07 x 13mm
  • Weight approx. 23g

Pre-installed movement sequences

More than 20 movement sequences on CD-ROM immediately bring the robot to life

Basic Movements:

Turn, right / left
Stand up from front / back position
Sideways, right / left


Warm-up exercise



The illustrations show the robot assembled, with optional parts fitted.

RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000
RB 1000


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Friday, 12. December 2008

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Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

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Meet the robots

Friday, 12. December 2008

Toyfair 2009 Nuremberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Toyfair 2009 Nürnberg 5.2. - 10.2.

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Meet the robots


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