New Item 2007


  • Robot kit
  • 13 x RBS581 digital servos, designed for use in robotics
  • CPU-board
  • Speaker for sound and speech
  • Blue and black eloxided aluminium components
  • Battery charger
  • Battery pack, NiMH 6.0V (2000mAh)
  • USB cable between PC and robot
  • RobovieMaker3 software
  • All small items required

Order-No R1002

RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000


Dimensions approx.

295 x 205 x 115mm

Weight approx.

1100g incl. supplied battery


13 servos

Dimensions CPU-board approx.

48 x 52 x 13mm

System requirements

Operating system:

Windows XP


min.Intel Pentium 4  min. 1GHZ


min. 128MB


1 x USB


CD-ROM device


  • LPC2148FBD64 (ARM7) 60MHz
  • ROM 512kB / RAM 64kB
  • 30x channels for servos
  • 10x operating modes, you can determine using these modes for automatic or transmitter functions
  • USB interface
  • 2W Speaker interface
  • Receiver interface
  • Bus interface for optional boards


Program motion sequences, the reaction dependent sensor feedbacks and the operation of actuators by using the included software RobovieMaker3.

Motion sequences – Also with your own sound possible!

Basic movements:

Turn, right / left
Stand up from front / back position


Throw a ball
Sit down



Go to the Robotics-Forum to upload your own or download new, other movements!

RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000
RB 2000

Accessorie Parts

To operate by transmitter

Order No. R9100 Receiver RB14 SCAN
Graupner/JR 40 MHz stick transmitter with at least eight funct

Optional boards

Order No. R2020 Gyro/Acceleration-board 2x Gyro-axes and 3x Acceleration-axes
Order No. R2021 DIO-board 16x digital Input/Output
Order No. R2022 AI-board 8x analog Input (0 – 5V)
Order No. R2023 LED-board 16x Output for LEDs

Replacement Parts

Order No. R1000.10 RBS581 digital servo
Order No. R1000.20 Battery pack, NiMH 6.0V (2000mAh)
Order No. R1002.50 CPU-board RB2000

More information

  • Operate the robot also with a cordless – gamepad - controller!
  • It is possible to have your own sound during the movements
  • Use the RB2000 CPU-board also in the robot RB1000
  • Sensors grasp the characteristics of their environment
  • Actuators interfere active in their environment
  • The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the main controller of the robot
  • ROM (Read Only Memory)
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • The muscles of the human are the servos of the humanoid robot
  • Humanoid describes an attempt at making these robots look like humans in form and movement

The illustrations show the robot assembled, with optional parts fitted.


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Friday, 12. December 2008

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Education fair didacta 2009 Hannover 10.2. - 14.2.

Hall 15, Booth F83

Meet the robots

Friday, 12. December 2008

Toyfair 2009 Nuremberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Toyfair 2009 Nürnberg 5.2. - 10.2.

Hall 7A, Booth F-179/D-161

Meet the robots


Monday, 08. December 2008

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